Monday, February 15, 2010

Le Bistro Rose Project

Warning....this will be a lengthy post. I just finished 2 projects for the By Design Scrapbook Boutique kit of the month "Le Bistro Rose" {see link to the side}. I wanted to do something special for Jerad for Fathers Day and have had an idea in the back of my mind for a while. I wanted to do a journal of appreciation for all that is good about him and our relationship. Sometimes you just need to be reminded. I want to remember one act a day that brings me happiness, so he will know that I am celebrating those small, kind gestures everyday. The green envelope in the front of the book will contain a hand written note to him explaining the meaning behind the book and also express how much he means to me. You know, I always like to give you projects complete with photos and the whole nine yards. But this is such a personal gift I wanted the finished project to be just for his eyes only, KWIM?

So, I stated the Janet Hopkins way and made my own journal from a discarded book. ALL of the items used in the book come from the Kit of the Month package, with the exception of the envelopes that you see in the book. We all have some of those lying around right? I also added my own letters. Nothing fancy, just part of my stash that I have in my scrapbook room.

Also, notice that I used the black and white grid circle paper for the page that I also made. Notice that on the back of this paper is a BEAUTIFUL butterfly. I wanted to use this in my book, so I cut the butterfly out into a nice square and then replaced it with the mint green paper in the kit. I cut the butterfly paper {yellow with butterflies} up and used the on this page as well as through out the book. I picked the butterflies with some blue and green coloring for the 12 x 12 page and that made the green paper look just fine.

I also LOVE the white paper in the kit that has all the sayings and quotes on it. So I covered the inside of my journal with it and then used a blue highlighter to "highlight" the quotes that I really liked. So that is the blue lines that you see on the inside cover. A simple way to make it meaning ful to you. I also had a strip of that paper remaining so I cut out some of the sayings that I liked and put them about the photos on my 12 x 12 page. The book is STUFFED with pages. I wanted to show you that ONE kit can make a beautiful completed book, a 12 x 12 page AND you still have things left over. It is a great deal. There are only a few kits remaining so go get one NOW. Hugs

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tanya's Circle Journal

Just finished the first Circle Journal to come my way. It was Tanya's journal and her theme was "Guilty Pleasures". LOVED working on it. Including my photos through the process. The stamps I used were Heidi Swapp Stamps. The Pink Heart is her sign in card....SO CREATIVE. I am working on projects for the Le Bistro Rose "Kit of the Month", so, should have some more pics soon. Hugs

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adventures With My Girl

It has been quite a busy 2010. Reagan has been especially busy with a school musical Suessical and UIL competition. The musical was just adorable and I was really proud of my girl. She really had a good time. (Notice the glitter in her hair). UIL was just sooooo much fun. Teachers help coach the kids who make the team. Reagan made two teams, Storytelling and Creative Writing. She competed against 30 other kids from 13 other schools. SHE WON A METAL IN CREATIVE WRITING !!!! I was just soooooo proud of her. She took 9th place out of 30. Enjoy the photos. Hugs.