Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girls Houston Getaway 2010

WOW!!!! Could it be as fun as last year? Would we all get along? Could we stay busy? Ummmm, SHUT UP, of coarse we could and we did. I never dreamed we could have so much fun, or laugh soooooo hard. I will never see a carnival again without thinking of each of you :) Shiner Cheer, pappasitos margaritas and pink punk cosmos were a BIG BIG hit. Three projects from the FABULOUS Janet Hopkins. Late nights, Texas BarBQ, and more shopping than the average person can stand. Keely shouting "Just one more picture and that's it". Shari, giving Reagan the most AMAZING quilt I have EVER seen, made from her baby clothes. Oh and you are the queen of mixology. Susan, knocking people down for her morning Starbucks :) Carolyn, you just can't make that stuff up. Really!!!!! Ann, can I be honest? You made our group complete. Thanks for taking that leap of faith. So glad you came. Christa is a shitty friend but other than that, YOU ROCK Christa :) I love each of you more than you will ever know. Tanya, I missed you my BFF terribly. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!!
PS. Don't take a chance on getting sober :) Enjoy the pics. PSS....check out the lady behind Ann in the first picture. She is NOT feeling it :) Hugs