Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Ready For Oliver

Ok, many of you know we are getting ready to welcome Oliver, an English Bulldog into our family. We have not told the kids yet. I wanted to wait and make sure it was really going to happen before we told them. Tomorrow, we plan to let the kids in on the surprise. Like I have told many of you, Reagan may pass out when she hears the news I want to catch "the reveal" on video so I have come up with a game they will play to uncover clues. Today I got everything ready and these are the pieces of the puzzle. I will try to post the video tomorrow....Hugs

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Two....DONE!!!

wow, we have some yummy, yummy things coming soon. Jess picked ALL KINDS OF GOODIES for the Le Bistro Rose November and December Kits. So we have delicious kits kits coming for the rest of the year :)

More pics of what I loved.....hugs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


CHA Day One......Whoa, fast and furious

OK, Day one is over and tonight we are looking through catalogs and placing orders. WOW, we were literally running thru the isles. We found some wonderful things to bring back to Houston for you. We also found some one of a kind items for future kits. I have included a few pics of things we have found and tomorrow I will pay a visit to Provo to find out EVERYTHING about the gypsy.....saw it today but will video in the morning. Hugs all (thanks Jerad for the air card so I can Blog XOXOXO)

CHA Here We 5AM

Hey all, we are at the airport waiting to board for Orlando.....leave a post if you would like to see something speacial at CHA and I will get a photo for you :)

Jo, if you are reading this send me that email again....i think i erased it.....hugs all and more to come......

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video from the Plate Make and Take

By Design Bistro Photos......What a blast !!!!

Well, did you have a good time or what ????? I told you the project were awesome :)
I am so inspired by all of you take our projects and totally run with them.
Hope you like the photos....the plate with the blue accents is one i whipped up friday night. They have so many possibilities. What will you create? Hugs

Thursday, July 23, 2009

By Design Bistro Projects

Told you I would be back today :)

I wanted to post the projects that you will be making on Saturday.....Can You Believe IT!!!
I love each and every one of them....I will be teaching the plate and yes you will be receiving the plate!!!! Just got off the phone with Jessica and we still have 10 "invitations" remaining so call the store if you want one 281-488-9100....Hugs

Beach Fun

WOW, i have been away too long, but I am back!!!! I will be posting again later about the By Design Bistro happening this Saturday at The Store.....

We were at the beach house for 4th of July a few weeks back and the kids met some really nice girls. They had SOOOOO much fun together. They played at the beach for 2 solid days and then on the 4th, the guys cooked on the grill and then did a NICE fireworks show for us. These are some of the photos I took from that day. Reeves Family, we had a BLAST and hope to see you again this summer :) hugs

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

By Design Bistro

Hi all, I was at the store yesterday working on my project for the By Design Bistro. All I can say is WOW, you do NOT want to miss this event. I saw Jessica's make and take and it is so cute, full of detail. My make and take is really more like a cool I think :)

This event will be similar to the Holiday Affair Extraordinaire last October and WILL SELL OUT. There is a $8 fee but let me assure you, the make and takes are Fabulous and you will not be disappointed. The small fee gives us some flexibiliy to do some over the top things. There will also be demos and a HUGE sale, you know how Tracy loves a good Sale ;)

Go online and reserve your spot or pick up your invitation at the store.

This is a photo of the invitation. Yes that is a fork at the top holding the bow. Too cute :)
Photo sneak peeks coming soon :) Hugs

More CE pretties :)

I have been underground for a while. First Reagan had her tonsils removed. Not a fun first week with that :(
Then, once she was feeling better, we moved to the beach for 8 days to celebrate the 4th of July. That was much more fun as she was beginning to feel much better. We went to Schlitterbahn twice while we were at the beach. Such a blast.
Anyway, when I returned, I did so to a mailbox full of sweet goodness :)
The first two photos are of the cute Brighton Charm I received from my good friend Beverly Harrison. I have the pleasure of working with her on the BD design team and have gotten to know her well. The charm, as Bev explained, is of the hot Arizona Sun. You will see me wearing it at CE. Love you Bev :)
The second two photos are of the CUTEST disney pages I have ever seen. They were sent by my SUPER girlfriend Keely Boley. I met her on the Luxury Shopping Tour at CE 08 and the rest as they say is history. She is so fun and truly gives THE BEST advice. Love Ya Keels
The third photo is a cute zebra pack of CE love :) It came from Kim Schroeder. Well do I even need to say anything about the cute Zebra bag? LOVE IT! it came with chocolate goodness and felt shapes. I will be using the tag in my CE album. Thanks Kim :)
The last photo is of the cutest little stamp ever!! It came from my friend Leslie McFarlane from Dallas, Texas. Love the stamp!!! The envelope and cute card inside are just precious. I will cut that up to use in my CE book. Adorable.
Once again, you have all out done yourselves.....see you in about 50 days :) Hugs