Monday, October 31, 2011

An Artful Extravaganza

An extravaganza of the senses!! I travelled to Utah with 2 of my best friends, Christa and Keely. We headed of for some great shopping as soon as our wheels touched the tarmac. Then off to dinner at Sundance with Penelope, Keely's friend. A great meal, good friends and a little wine :)

We woke up to a beautiful day and we were ready to create!! And create we did. Margie is just AMAZING and she put together a wonderful event in which every single thing was thought of down to the last detail. She surrounded herself with very talented and amazing people work so hard. And believe me, you could see the love and all that hard work from the second you arrived. We had music, laughter and everything was just so visually stimulating. How could you not feel creative in such a place!!

I love, LOVE, LOVED the teachers!!! I mean, I sewed for God sake, and TOTALLY ROCKED IT!!! Loved the SHE canvas class so was really freeing to let go and just paint!!! Made a cute necklace, felted soap, carved a stamp and made a junk journal. Still wearing my cute pair of earrings. Enjoyed meeting every single teacher, sooooo talented!!

The event size was small and it was just the best. Visiting with the other girls attending, chatting with the teachers, sharing personal stories, just being able to catch Margie in the hall for a hug. Just priceless. I never had to race for a seat or be the first in line for anything. I could just ease on through, really enjoying the moment.

I plan to be there next year and I hope to see all of you there again. Hugs