Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is the part I HATE.....saying goodbye :(

well, the fun is over and the wait starts for next year :)
What a wonderful time we all had, REALLY FUN. I ate will Tracy and Cheryl at the closing ceremony and they got to experience the craziness of our little group of friends (wink). I have to admit i cried like a baby when we dropped Tanya off at the airport. She reminded me over and over that is only 2 months until she returns to Houston for a girls weekend. This is always the hardest part, saying goodbye. I have to say thanks to the countless number of people who made this weekend so much fun, Hollywood, Michelle A., Esther, The Midland Posse, Tara, Tiesha, Tove, Cassaundra, Barbara, Carrie, Pixie, Beverly, Gloria, HoHo, Josiane, Karen T, Peggy, Nancy, Debbie, Margie, Tracy, Cheryl, Lisa, Sandra, Leslie, Kathryn, Kyoko, JLo, Angie, Carol S., and Catherine A. I looked for your smiling faces everyday and you didn't disappoint :)

It was a blast meeting so many of you who were new to the event this year. I look forward to getting to know you better on the board.

Lastly, My girlfriends who give noe meaning to the word GIRLPOWER. Tanya, Shannon, Shari, Keely, Susan L., Christa and Ann, I could not imagine CE without you. You made my trip unforgettable. You ALL better be in Houston in November.

And remember, what happens in Arizona, stays in Arizona :) HUGS

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night.....It's over......What a blast !!!!!!

A second day of fabulous classes. I just want to say what a FABULOUS slate of teachers and projects we had this year. I didn't think we could get any better than yesterday but today ROCKED. Tim was first inspirational, I can never get enough of him. Carol was up next and WOW, who would have thought that a "pyramid" could be so inspirational :) Loved her. Paula and Deb were just so inspirational, I love 7 gypsies products. Heather's little book was so cute with such fun colors. Heidi's lamp sold in the auction for $8,200 and Tim's sold for an INCREDIBLE $29,000 dollars. It was amazing !! Enjoy the photos !!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Classes.....OK THEY ROCK

WOW, today we had our first floor classes and they were so fantastic.....We had Marah, Heidi, Lynette and Debby today and I was blown away!!!! Heidi was Heidi, fabulous project made easy by her fantastic teaching style.....Marah's project just blew me away......LOVED IT. Can you believe, as many times as Debby has visited the store, I have never taken a class from her. That will change now, I LOVED her teaching style. More photos....HUGS