Friday, June 26, 2009

Reagan's Dance Recital

Thought I would post some photos of Reagan's dance recital from a few weeks ago. She LOVES the recital part of it and especially the makeup :)
That happens to be the part of it that I like the least :( She looks so grown up. She gets to wear makeup once a year and that is during recital. I don't want her growing up too soon, KWIM? Hugs

Thanks Jerad

most of you know Reagan had her tonsils out a week ago today. We are still struggling but I do think she is feeling better today. She is in the playroom right now and that has not happened in a solid week.

I did not have an opportunity to say Thank You on father's day to my sweet Jerad. He is the most fabulous father ever, really. He is everything I could have hoped for in a husband and father. He keeps me laughing, and if I am up late at night with a sick child, he is right by my side. He wanted a hammock for the new beach house so that's what we got him :)

These photos were taken two days after Reagan's surgery on Father's day. Reagan did have a little soup and she was a trooper :) Hugs

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tanya's Party

Thought I would post a few photos from Tanya's party last week at By Design. We had such a great time and I really think she loved the gift. Thanks to each of you who made a page for her vertical scrapbook. Also, many of you asked about the wooden frame it is on. We sold those at the store last year. The company that makes them is They come in all lots of sizes and are unfinished so you have lots of possibilities with colors or finishes. hugs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tanya's Gift Part Two

I am finished with Tanya's gift.....I feel like I gave birth KWIM?
I went to the store today to pick up pages made by the other designers and I was totally blown away.....I mean it, I could not believe what everyone put together.....She is going to cry her eyes out.....I am posting some photos of the finished project and tomorrow I will post photos of the party.....hugs

More RAKS from those crazy CE girls

this has been a total blast to give and receive such fun, fabulous RAKS.....
the top photo is a photo of two RAKS

the bundle on the left is from Elizabeth Tavallali....did you notice Elizabeth that the beautiful pink crystals are not in the photo? That's because I used them on Tanya's going away gift, I loved them that much!! The "wild" tag is from my friend Susan Lepore....I will have it on my CE bags somewhere in Arizona.

The next photo is a Fab RAK i received from my friend Pixie P....she lives here in Houston and I have known her for a while....She is a total Doll and I love her....In the the photo, that bottom card holder hold a Starbucks Giftcard, so Pixie, I will start my day with a hot Chocolate on you!!!! Thanks

The third photo is of the cutest crown stamp sent to me by Larita DID you know I am all about the crown :) I love it AND have already used it......thanks

The last bundle of goodness is from my friend Catherine Aguilera, whom I met last year at CE 08....she was part of my first Circle Journal group.....I quickly learned what a talented, meticulous scrapbooker she is......I mean she even decorated the envelope, she doesn't miss a thing!!!! Thank you my friend, you know I will enjoy the Sabrina line.....hugs

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tanya's Vertical Scrapbook

Most of you know, my BFF is moving to Denver Colorado. It has been very hard the closer we get to moving day. We will be sending her off with lots of PINK at the store this Thursday night. We will have cake at the store and then a few off us will take her out for food and Margarita's. The design team (which Tanya is a part of) and a few other of her special friends will be making pages for the vertical book I am working on. I am posting a few photos of the project so far, it still has a way to go. What do you think? I printed photos tonight and will start my pages tomorrow. Tanya has promised not to look at my blog :)

Beach 2009

Well, I am back from the beach, the kids are still there. We have purchased a beach house and have spent lots of blood sweat and tears into getting it ready for the summer. The home was Jerad's parents' so we have been using it for many years. The kids have come to expect those summer months at the beach. We really just get away from it, dance, soccer, homework, you name it. I know when the kids get older, they won't want to go as much as they do now so I treasure every moment we have there. So this is the official first photo taken our first day there......hugs

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award :)

A cute new friend of mine Helen Mills (see you at CE), nominated my new blog for this award. Sweet huh ? Click on over to Helen's Blog and see what she has going on. We will be meeting for the first time at CE 09 and I CAN'T WAIT :)

Here are the rules :)
1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award.....thanks Helen
2) Copy the Logo onto your blog....check
3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award. Helen's Blog
4) Share 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. i talk outloud to myself ALL the time...I have never seen an episode of American Idol...I have a thing for tote bags and lets just say, i have a birthdays and can't wait for mine every year...I have a business degree in to Elfa organize football...I put up 8 Christmas trees every Christmas
5. Nominate 6 Kreativ Bloggers and post links to their blogs.
Jessica's Blog
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6. Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. Check!

Have fun Everyone

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make A Wish

Today was a big day for us. Several weeks ago, Reagan and Gavin set up a Lemonade stand in our neighborhood. Reagan decided she wanted to give the money to charity and more specifically, a kids charity. Gavin quickly agreed. She picked Make A Wish after some thought and options. Today was the day we took the money to the local MAW office here in Houston. They were so excited to see the kids and talked with them about what the charity does. We found out that last year alone, 362 wishes were granted in our regional office. That is a lot of wishes :)

I have never been so proud of her. She came up with this all by herself. She did not spend 1 single penny on herself. A very good friend of mine from Arizona promptly sent her a check to add to the stash (thanks Shan). These are a few of the photos I snapped today......Hugs

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Astros Tonight....We Won :)

last minute trip to the Astros game tonight.....Roman could not contain his excitement and asked if I could take a photo of he and Jerad in their matching Astros hat. These are a few of the shots......he is such a clown :) hugs

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awards Day :)

How did we get to this last week of school so fast? I mean, we just started the school year, then came Hurricane Ike and we missed almost a month of school. Hard to believe! Then we just turned around and it was Christmas and so HERE WE ARE in June. Monday was awards day for first grade. My girl will be a second grader!!!! I went to the awards ceremony and was pleasantly surprised to see Reagan win 7 awards. I was so proud. I think almost every child there got an award of some kind. They were all so proud. Reagan, I am super proud of you!!! I love you girl!!