Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soccer Pics

Well, last Saturday was our first soccer Saturday. Roman is playing this year so we have two games instead of one. Reagan played first and she is so comfortable on that field. She had a great game, at least one goal and an assist (i can't keep up, so she says there were more). She has a new coach this year and he has been so good for her. He is just such a good teacher and helps them really play towards their strengths, KWIM? He has already made her a better player.

Roman was just so funny on Saturday. He looked great in his uniform. He sat patiently by as Reagan player her game at 9. He was up at 10. It was pretty hot by then and his little cheeks just turned beet red. He scored a goal early on and was soooooo excited by it. We were shocked and went crazy. He ran down the field giving us a thumbs up. So cute. Enjoy your evening. HUGS

Saturday, September 26, 2009

CE Projects

We had a wonderful time at the "post ce crop" tonight at By Design. Seriously, I love cropping with these women. We all get along beautifully. And talented, OMG, the things these women make are so impressive. I finished 4 projects tonight. Heidi's, Marah's, Lynette's and Debbie's. Added pages to Debbie's and some color to Lynette's. Put a larger flower on Heidi"s (big shocher right?) No photos yet but very happy with the way they turned out. HUGS

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Papa John's Teacher Delivery Night.......A BIG HIT

WOW, what a FUN night. Amanda Perryman, our PTO Fundraising coordinator put together the greatest event with our local Papa John's. Everyone from our school Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary, who phoned in a delivery order tonight, had their pizza delivered by a teacher!!!! Imagine how cool that must have been for those kids :) Papa John's gratiously donated 20% of the order totals AND we got to keep ALL tips. I was a volunteer driver and I can not remember when I have had so much fun. I was able to meet several teachers that I had not previously met. A fun time was had by all. I will post later and tell you what was raised for the PTO.....Thank You Amanda.....Thank You Papa John's......and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to our volunteers who drove, our FABULOUS teachers who delivered and all of you Wilder families who ordered pizza......HUGS

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dynamo......On Fire Tonight :)

We went to the Houston Dynamo game tonight and it was Fabulous!!!!! We won 3-2. Things are really getting tight toward the end of the season and every game is extremely important. They needed a win and they got one. Had a blast with Becky, Peyton, Owen, Abby, Adam, Nikki, and Carter. Snapped some photos and thought I would post them. Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend......HUGS

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It was a "Dean" day :)

What a fun day I had today. My friend Becky told me Paula Dean was going to be in town for an appearance at Dillards to promote her new furniture line. She asked if I wanted to go and have a cook book signed. I said sure, let's go !!! Reagan received a Paula Dean kids cookbook for her birthday last year so I thought I would have it signed. When I told Reagan earlier in the week that I would be going, she cried when I told her I would not let her skip school to go see Paula. Reagan loves to cook as many of you know. So, I decided to take an idea from a good friend (thanks Keely) and take a cut out of Reagan so she could be there in spirit :)

Paula is just adorable, REALLY....I could have listened to her all day. She spoke to the crowd for about 20 minutes, answered questions from the crowd and THEN she signed books. When I got up to her in line, she insisted on taking a photo with "Reagan". So sweet of her. She was as cute and sweet as I thought she would be. Fun Day, thanks Becky.......HUGS