Friday, November 27, 2009

So Much To Be Thankful For

What a week we have had here at the Forrest Household. On Monday evening, Roman had a bizarre incident at the dinner table. During the meal, he suddenly grabbed his throat in pain. He screamed and cried out that something was stuck in his throat. He vomited several times but still felt something in his throat. After talking with our friend Adam, we drove him To Memorial Hospital Southeast. Adam was waiting there when we arrived and they took him straight back. After a careful examination, Roman went for xrays. What they found in those xrays was just a mother's worst nightmare. He had a metal type wire in his throat!!!!! I mean really, i wanted to faint.
They recommended we transport him to Hermann Hospital in Houston. They took him by ambulance and I must say he loved that :)

After arriving there, they had to decide who would be best suited to operate on Roman. Once they decided who would operate, we were sent up to our room to wait for surgery. He was taken into surgery at 9:00 AM and about an hour later, they brought out the wire to show us. It was a wire from the grill brush that we use to clean the grill before we cook. That one inch piece of wire cost my baby so much pain.

He came through with flying colors. The Hermann Hospital family was just fantastic. Our experience there was truly amazing and I CAN NOT thank Adam for sending us in the right direction. These photos were taken with my iphone. Hugs


  1. Oh Timi....I am so sorry to hear about all of this. I was wondering what had happened to that sweet baby boy. We BBQ often...I NEVER would have thought about those "tiny" fibers from the wire brush. I am sure you were freakin' out!
    THANK YOU JESUS for getting Roman and his parents through this!!!
    Timi, you are loved! Take care of yourself and your family!
    Love ya!
    Christy Brown

  2. So glad still and thankful that everything came out the way it did.....big hugs

  3. again, I say I am so very sorry! Oh my I would of FREAKED. a grill metal. Wow, I mean how in the world would we ever think that could happen. I would talk to the manufacture of that and tell them what happen to your little guy.
    but, God is good, and your son is fine! Yippee!!!!
    take care Forrest household. :)

  4. OMG! Timi that is crazy we all use those to clean our grills who would of thought that would happen. I am so GLAD he is doing good now WHAT A TROOPER,

    Big Hugs Dusty