Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm BACK :)

One of my dearest friends gave me a gentle reminder a few weeks back to UPDATE MY BLOG {thanks Keely}....I can NOT believe it has been soooooo long since I have blogged.....So, I am happy to be back :)

I am going to start with a Rodeo entry :) If you know my family, you know how much my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rodeo. It just cracks me up. Jerad volunteers on a Rodeo Committee so it is a family affair. This year, we were lucky enough to get tickets to see The Jonas Brothers, The Black Eyed Peas AND Demi Lovato/Justin Bieber. The kids were just pumped about seeing the acts they really wanted to see. We had so much fun at the concerts dancing and sing at the top of our lungs. The kids rode all the rides and played lots of carnival games. It was just a total blast for them.

One really awesome thing happened. A while back, I got an email from Shannon Fortunato. She wanted directions for a project I had done for The Pink Store so I mailed them to her. Well, I literally bumped into her cute little girl at the rodeo carnival. What is crazy is she recognized me from my blog.....isn't that funny!!!! She was just adorable and so was her entire family. We chatted for a minute, but after you walked away Shannon, I wondered if you had made the beautiful necklace you were wearing? I LOVED it. She has a fun blog that you can find HERE and you can take a look at the cute things she makes.

Will post some project pics in the next few days.

Glad to be back :) HUGS


  1. Yeah!!!! Awesome photos, Timi!! The rodeo looks like it was amazing and your kids are at such a perfect age. I just love the boot photo. Totally blog worthy!! I love the Shannon story. Thanks for the link to another great blog. I'm struck by how much her pink digi header reminds me of yours!! Love you girlfriend!!

  2. Aww, thanks Timi!! You are so sweet to write about me! Isn't that wild that we met in person at the rodeo carnival? Of all the hundreds of thousands of people there and I happened to recognize you, weird, huh?! I'm a believer that God puts people in your path for a reason!! I did not make my necklace, I wish I was that talented!! I need to post a picture on my blog and add it to my website soon!! BTW, how funny that we both have the same House of 3 blog header!! :-)