Monday, September 19, 2011

Pinterest Fun

Hi, I'm Timi and I'm addicted to Pinterest. I LOVE to pin and pin and add new boards. I love to see what my friends are pinning and what their loves and interests are. Well, today I finally pulled up my boards and made something!!! I am so happy that these boards really are my inspiration to try something new. It was easy and fun.

So, my kids are forever leaving their junk on the back stairs. ALL OVER THE STAIRS. Someone pinned a picture of cute baskets that they had placed on their own stairs for their children to carry upstairs at night and put their thing away. She put name tags on them and they were just so stinking cute. So here are a few pictures of my version. Roman said "mom, you are the best artist I have ever seen". The sweetest boy ever!!!!! Hugs

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