Sunday, August 26, 2012


I thought I would post some photos from our trip out to Molokini.  We snorkeled almost every day so I really wondered if this trip would be worth it. Boy was it worth it!!!! It was a bit crowded out there but the fish did not disappoint. They seemed very interested in us, not afraid at all! Swimming all around you, very close to you. It was hard to avoid touching them.

There was a photographer on board and I paid her to take photos of us. WOW did they turn out great! She followed us around and took photos. Reagan is in the purple suit and you see her in a lot of the photos as well as with the turtle.  The fish were actually fish we saw right then, right there!!! I also saw something amazing that day that I have never seen before....Hundreds of flying fish, flying through the air and then into the water. Just amazing. Again, I feel so blessed to have seen such amazing sights. Hugs

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