Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More RAKS from those crazy CE girls

this has been a total blast to give and receive such fun, fabulous RAKS.....
the top photo is a photo of two RAKS

the bundle on the left is from Elizabeth Tavallali....did you notice Elizabeth that the beautiful pink crystals are not in the photo? That's because I used them on Tanya's going away gift, I loved them that much!! The "wild" tag is from my friend Susan Lepore....I will have it on my CE bags somewhere in Arizona.

The next photo is a Fab RAK i received from my friend Pixie P....she lives here in Houston and I have known her for a while....She is a total Doll and I love her....In the the photo, that bottom card holder hold a Starbucks Giftcard, so Pixie, I will start my day with a hot Chocolate on you!!!! Thanks

The third photo is of the cutest crown stamp sent to me by Larita DID you know I am all about the crown :) I love it AND have already used it......thanks

The last bundle of goodness is from my friend Catherine Aguilera, whom I met last year at CE 08....she was part of my first Circle Journal group.....I quickly learned what a talented, meticulous scrapbooker she is......I mean she even decorated the envelope, she doesn't miss a thing!!!! Thank you my friend, you know I will enjoy the Sabrina line.....hugs

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  1. Wow, my RAK tag has a place of honor on your blog! Thanks Timi & enjoy! :-)
    Susan L. in Florida