Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marjorie Terry comes for a visit :)

Well, we had a total blast today....serious fun!!!!! Tove Mayer also came over from Spring. Let me tell you something, she is one talented girl and soooo much fun.....awesome stuff. I picked Marjorie up at 1:30 and drove her to the pink store . Tove was waiting for us. Tove and I gave Marjorie her secret sister gift (Tove) and her Let's Escape gift (me). I think she really liked what she got. Then, Marjorie shopped, and shopped and shopped some more (I have the photo to prove it). Her husband and a few friends from the hospital came over as well. It was so nice to get a chance to meet her husband :) I met Anita Houston, Marjorie's friend a month ago. They are both THE NICEST women. I could totally hang out with them. I will see you both in November (wink)......Hugs

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