Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lovin' Every Minute Of It !!!!!

Had a great day today. Spent the day with my friends shopping. First stop Nothing But Bundt. What a fun, cool store :) Talked with the owner today, and she said they may be on their way to Houston. To tell the truth, I like them better than Sprinkles Cupcakes and that is saying ALOT :)
Did the Technique Boutique today and had the opening ceremony. After, the Yahoo party. Can I just say what a great job Shannon did with the party. YOU ROCK GIRL :)

My favorite part of the day, was spent in one of my favorite stores in the whole world.....Melrose Vintage. They are so nice there and I think there entire store is just so special. Love, Love Love IT. More Pics....I know that is what you are waiting for right? HUGS

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  1. What great pictures today Timi...I loved Melrose Vintage too and really want to get back to that store soon. You guys are having way too much fun !!!!! Miss you all....