Monday, May 24, 2010

Living In The Moment

I am REALLY trying to be more present. Enjoying EVERY moment, right then, right there. Not just hearing my children, but really listening to each word they say. I have been leading the kind of life that is moving way to fast, stirring the crazy pot if you know what I mean. Today, Reagan asked me to eat lunch with her at school. I went, and here are a few pics of the fun time we had together. Enjoying each other, enjoying the moment :)


  1. Great way to LIVE....and you look AMAZING....MULU

  2. Timi,
    Reagan's school must really be a special place. This is a great opportunity, one that I never got :( Good for you for sharing an everyday thing like lunch and documenting it!!

    Girlfriend, you look marvelous!! smooches!!

  3. Sooo true, Timi, to enjoy the moment. Looking at your photos, I almost said I miss those days -- but you know what? I actually cherish those memories but I enjoy "today" soo soooo much with my adult kids and I wouldn't change a single thing! I am continuing to ENJOY THE MOMENT!