Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Starting the Summer With Tanya

Tanya, my BFF, came to Texas for a 3 week visit in June. I was shocked at how much I have missed her. She looks great and we spent some time together at her beach house. The kids really surprised me. When they were young, they were FORCED together because Tanya and I spent so much time together. Now, they are older and live in separate states but just fall right in line with each other. Just like "peas and carrots" you know what I mean. Reagan has cried several times wanting to see Wells again. I told Jerad last night that I am taking the kids to Colorado for spring break. Wells and Logan have promised to help the kids learn to ski. It should be fun!!!! Here are some of the beach photos.

BTW......many of you have asked about my photo border, like the ones in this post. Believe it or not, the photos are taken with my iPhone using an App called Hipstamatic. It is cool because you can switch film or change your camera lens to give you a variety of effects. The lens in these photos is the "John S" lens and the film is Kodot film. They are my favorite. Hugs

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  1. LOVE my hipstamtic!! The prints come out good too. :-)