Friday, May 15, 2009

Danbury Retreat Day One

Well we are here and this place is gorgeous.....REALLY.....the antiques and decorations are just amazing. We arrived last night with a carivan of 9 fabulous ladies all ready to set up shop for the weekend. There is a cute check-in desk, large kitchen, and a beautiful grand room where we set up the store and areas for us to crop. Tanya and I worked on Project 365 last night. Tanya got all caught up last night. I have about 2 weeks of journaling to go but will finish it this morning. Tanya is working on Karen Tabor's circle journal book right now. I just heard from Susan in New York and she did a 24 hour turn around on Shannon's circle journal. She is the kind of friend everyone needs, she had a job to do and she did it. She is just girlfriend bling, shiney, bright and always makes you smile. I need to get off and get to work. Hugs.


  1. Timi and Tanya it looks like ya'll are having a blast. In the one pic with the primas what's in all the cups? beads? Can't wait to see ya'll in AZ again! Hmmm...I feel a Suess moment...

    Timi and Tanya at the retreat,
    Tanya cropping all alone in her seat!
    Prima's in a pile,
    that should last a while.
    Last night both were busy as bees,
    I can't wait to see ya'll again at CE!


  2. I'm jealous! I was at By Design last night for Janet's class and now I'm so jealous that I didn't sign up for this event! Hmmmm, August huh? Hope you continue to post photos! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  3. This retreat was a blast and the first SB retreat that I have ever been on! I am hoping to attend many more. The By Design girls are all fab and so much fun! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks, ladies! And the place was beautiful and peaceful and I wish that I could have stayed for a week!