Saturday, May 16, 2009

OMG, Janet Hopkins Rocked The House

Well, we just finished the Janet Hopkin's House of Three class her at Danbury. She is so creative, I am NEVER EVER disappointed with anything she does. The finished project is amazing. I am including 2 videos of everyones completed projects. Hugs


  1. Hi, Timi - I'm reg at By Design and just got your blog from Janet's! I was so glad she came on Thurs for us that couldn't go to retreat, but after seeing the retreat pics - I'm jealous! I so wish I could have gone. Thanks for sharing! I took my daughter to Janet's class on Thurs - and Janet put Ashley's project on her blog - Ash's first class and she so changed it around to her decor and I was affraid she was just going to change up too much and not look good, but she did great and it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing you all's experience too!

  2. Jackie,
    I heard all about Ashley's project from Janet on saturday.....janet was so impressed with it and i just went and looked at Janet's sight and i can see is BEAUTIFUL....hugs