Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CHA Day One......Whoa, fast and furious

OK, Day one is over and tonight we are looking through catalogs and placing orders. WOW, we were literally running thru the isles. We found some wonderful things to bring back to Houston for you. We also found some one of a kind items for future kits. I have included a few pics of things we have found and tomorrow I will pay a visit to Provo to find out EVERYTHING about the gypsy.....saw it today but will video in the morning. Hugs all (thanks Jerad for the air card so I can Blog XOXOXO)


  1. aaaand those of us at home thank Jerad, too!!

  2. Timi!!

    Don't forget to bring home some of those Bling It Christmas trees!! So cute!! Keep having fun and thanks for the pics!