Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More CE pretties :)

I have been underground for a while. First Reagan had her tonsils removed. Not a fun first week with that :(
Then, once she was feeling better, we moved to the beach for 8 days to celebrate the 4th of July. That was much more fun as she was beginning to feel much better. We went to Schlitterbahn twice while we were at the beach. Such a blast.
Anyway, when I returned, I did so to a mailbox full of sweet goodness :)
The first two photos are of the cute Brighton Charm I received from my good friend Beverly Harrison. I have the pleasure of working with her on the BD design team and have gotten to know her well. The charm, as Bev explained, is of the hot Arizona Sun. You will see me wearing it at CE. Love you Bev :)
The second two photos are of the CUTEST disney pages I have ever seen. They were sent by my SUPER girlfriend Keely Boley. I met her on the Luxury Shopping Tour at CE 08 and the rest as they say is history. She is so fun and truly gives THE BEST advice. Love Ya Keels
The third photo is a cute zebra pack of CE love :) It came from Kim Schroeder. Well do I even need to say anything about the cute Zebra bag? LOVE IT! it came with chocolate goodness and felt shapes. I will be using the tag in my CE album. Thanks Kim :)
The last photo is of the cutest little stamp ever!! It came from my friend Leslie McFarlane from Dallas, Texas. Love the stamp!!! The envelope and cute card inside are just precious. I will cut that up to use in my CE book. Adorable.
Once again, you have all out done yourselves.....see you in about 50 days :) Hugs

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