Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary Pat and Becky

It was Dynamo Sunday today and Reagan and I were able to go enjoy the game with Becky, Peyton, Owen, Abby, Nikki, Carter and Coach Adam (Reagan's fabulous coach-she won't let me call him just Adam). I also got to see my cute friend Lisa C. She is the one waving in the photo. Jerad went to see the Texans play.

This past week was Becky and Pat's 10 year anniversary. S000000, during the half time break, a photo of Becky and Pat flashes on the BIG score board with this sweet message from Pat to Becky. Then a photo of the entire family is flashed as well. I mean it was an AMAZING moment, really romantic KWIM? Only thing is, BECKY was in the bathroom with her three kids......SHE MISSED THE ENTIRE THING. I took photos of it which you will see above. The good thing was this, after the game was over and Pat (green jersey) was leaving the field, they flashed it all again and said "Happy Anniversary Pat and Becky". She got to see it this time :)

So Happy Anniversary my friends :) BTW, the Dynamo clinched a spot in the playoffs today :)
Go Orange !!! Hugs

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  1. That is so incredible. Becky is a very lucky lady!!