Saturday, October 10, 2009

He is 45 :)

Yesterday was Jerad's birthday and I really surprised him this year. I enlisted the help of his boss Eric, and he told Jerad he was needed to work in the office on Friday, his actual birthday. This was not true of coarse, but I had to make sure Jerad did not schedule any important appointments or meetings for Friday. So, we woke up, and during cake and presents, I said, "BTW, you will not be going in to work today, we will be celebrating you all day!" He was stunned and so excited.

We started at the Apple store where I told him he could pick anything he wanted. He picked the Apple ipod Touch 64 GB and it is just amazing. Then off to Mark's, on of his favorite restaurants in Houston. Lastly, a 2 hour massage at one of his favorite places......sooooo relaxing. Happy Birthday Baby !!!!!


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