Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Classes in Dallas

It was a BUSY 48 hours. I need to be in bed but wanted to leave with more photos of the weekend. Heidi taught more classes on friday at the Hilton Garden Inn while the By Design Retreat was in FULL swing :) I spent my day working with Jessica designing an upcoming class for BD. Then, Tracy, Heidi, Beverly and I hoped in the car and drove to Dallas for more classes. Heidi anf Janet both taught a class on Saturday and they were both AMAZING. Loved them :) It was great seeing Janet again and meeting her sweet new daughter Blakely for the first time. Good Times :)


  1. Okay I'm sure I don't have to tell you FREAKIN' jealous I am of your entire weekend.....can't wait to have my experience at the "PINK STORE"

  2. you must be exhausted!! I can't wait to see your projects IRL!!!! 24 days - woohoo!! you have the cutest smile. thanks for sharing your fun weekend with us :)