Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revenge of the Nerds.....UIL Style

WOW, what an event. Wilder Elementary ROCKED UIL!!!! we won first place over all for the second year in a row. An amazing feat!!!!! These kids were amazing and are just so darn smart!!!!! They came prepared and spoke, counted, spelled, listened and wrote creatively......and then they had a party on the gym floor!!!!

Reagan entered Music Memory, something that is really outside of her comfort zone. She worked so hard building up to the event. She took home a medal for 4th place!!!!! I have never been so proud of her. She was really proud of herself and is already talking about next year.

I love that her school celebrates the brain power these kids bring to the table. And celebrate they do. With parades, parties and pats on the back. Thank you Mrs. Bruce for celebrating the nerd in all of us. Hugs.

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