Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I just suck at saying goodbye. I hate it. But last week, we got a group of friends together to say goodbye to Pat Onstad. He is the best goalkeeper in MLS history and helped the Houston Dynamo win back to back MLS titles in 2006 and 2007. He is an intelligent, giant of a man with a biting sense of humor. He recruited Reagan to soccer, a game she has grown to love and is quite good at. We have watched him play the game he loves for the past three years and it won't be the same looking out onto that field, into that sea of orange and not seeing #18. He encouraged me to run the half marathon, and always believed I would finish, which I did!!!

He is an amazing father to Peyton, Owen and Abby. A loving husband to Becky. A great friend to all who have had the pleasure of spending an all too brief bit of time with he and his family. HE WILL BE MISSED. He will go in a new direction and coach for DC United. They have no idea what they are getting. He will be an amazing coach.

I just wish it didn't include a move. Even though I have prepared for this day, it is hard. I can hardly look at Becky without choking up. But I have a few more months before I have to say goodbye to Becky and the kids. I vow to enjoy every day with Becky and her kids until they leave. Here are a few photos of the goodbye party and book I gave Pat. YOU'LL NEVER BEAT PAT ONSTAD.

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  1. Timi,
    Great job with Pat's book. I'm sure he will treasure it. (((hugs))) K