Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dynamo......On Fire Tonight :)

We went to the Houston Dynamo game tonight and it was Fabulous!!!!! We won 3-2. Things are really getting tight toward the end of the season and every game is extremely important. They needed a win and they got one. Had a blast with Becky, Peyton, Owen, Abby, Adam, Nikki, and Carter. Snapped some photos and thought I would post them. Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend......HUGS


  1. Great pictures Timi....the way that you capture people you can just feel what kind of moment it was.....


  2. oh, you are sooooo good for me girlfriend :)

  3. Oh my those are great shots! what great color and your subjects just might be the cutest EVER! That first one of Roman is too much!