Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soccer Pics

Well, last Saturday was our first soccer Saturday. Roman is playing this year so we have two games instead of one. Reagan played first and she is so comfortable on that field. She had a great game, at least one goal and an assist (i can't keep up, so she says there were more). She has a new coach this year and he has been so good for her. He is just such a good teacher and helps them really play towards their strengths, KWIM? He has already made her a better player.

Roman was just so funny on Saturday. He looked great in his uniform. He sat patiently by as Reagan player her game at 9. He was up at 10. It was pretty hot by then and his little cheeks just turned beet red. He scored a goal early on and was soooooo excited by it. We were shocked and went crazy. He ran down the field giving us a thumbs up. So cute. Enjoy your evening. HUGS


  1. i love, love, love the photos!! way to go kids!! i hope it cools down a bit for this coming saturday's games!!

  2. OMG those are adorable and bring back sooo many memories. Both of my kids started playing when they were 5... Mick is 30 and still plays in one league with some Aggie buds, and Katie went to college on soccer scholarship and now, at 24, plays in 4 different leagues in San Antonio.